We’re reminding CFA members that the state has provided 80 hours of COVID-19 paid leave for parents and caregivers that can be used now. Signed into law, Senate Bill 95 gives many Californian workers COVID-19-related leave (including leave to care for children when their schools or childcare are closed due to COVID-19 on the premises) backdated to Jan. 1. The leave must be taken in full day increments, but faculty who are “exempt” under labor and employment laws should not take leave on days they work, even partially.  CFA leaders continue bargaining with the CSU Chancellor’s Office for additional paid leave to relieve the burden many caregiving faculty are carrying right now, but we don’t want to agree to terms that make the leave harder to use than SB 95 requires. If any faculty member is refused the leave, contact your CFA chapter leader right away so that we can take appropriate legal action. 


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