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PAM is a space to learn about, critically discuss, and lead on questions and/or issues concerning Arabs, Muslims, and/or Palestine within the academy, within labor movements, and as part of broader peace and justice movements. We do this while also collaborating on ways to promote racial justice and other forms of social justice work central to the mission of CFA. Its members support and collaborate with CSU faculty, students, and staff who are targeted for harassment, censure, or censorship based on their research, teaching, or advocacy on justice for Muslims, Arabs, and/or around Palestine. It also provides a safe and dedicated space to educate and act in coalition with other Council of Racial and Social Justice caucuses on such issues as the impact of Muslim bans on CSU faculty, students, and staff; violence associated with campus policing; the need for curricular integrity and intellectual expertise in implementing the CSU Ethnic Studies requirement; and other intersectional, cross-caucus social justice work. As such, the caucus welcomes scholars, educators, and advocates who are committed to co-liberation with Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians, and who do not exceptionalize colonialism, apartheid, and military oppression in Palestine or elsewhere, but rather see it as part and parcel of the indivisibility of justice in all our daily lives and as members of the CSU system. 

Meet our Caucus Leaders

Ahlam Muhtaseb

CFA San Bernardino

Stevie Ruiz

CFA Northridge

Rana Sharif

CFA Northridge

Rachael Stryker

CFA East Bay

Billy Gallagher

CFA Staff to Palestine, Arab, and Muslim Caucus.
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