Endorsement Policy

CFA’s endorsement process helps CFA identify the best candidates for legislative and constitutional office, and helps candidates learn more about CFA and the CSU.

CFA members interview and evaluate candidates based on their views on a range of issues including, but not limited to, collective bargaining rights, funding for the CSU, and public accountability regarding the use of funds.

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Paid for by California Faculty Association. Not authorized by a candidate or a candidate controlled committee.

2024 Primary Endorsements

CFA will post to this page as members move through the endorsement process for 2024 elections. Check back for updates!

Primary Election Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

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Endorsed Candidates & Incumbents

State Assembly

Portrait of Jessica Self

Jessica Self

Assembly District 22
Website pending
Portrait of Porsche Middleton

Porsche Middleton

Assembly District 7
Portrait of Christy Holstege

Christy Holstege

Assembly District 47
Portrait of Mark Gonzalez

Mark Gonzalez

Assembly District 54

DeJonae Shaw

Assembly District 50

Clarissa Cervantes

Assembly District 58

Jose Solache

Assembly District 62
Portrait of Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan

Assembly District 74

Dr. Darshana Patel

Assembly District 76
Dual Endorsement
Portrait of Joseph Rocha

Joseph Rocha

Assembly District 76
Dual Endorsement

LaShae Sharp-Collins

Assembly District 79

State Senate

Rhodesia Ransom

Senate District 5
Portrait of Kathryn Lybarger

Kathryn Lybarger

Senate District 7
Portrait of Kipp Mueller

Kipp Mueller

Senate District 23
Portrait of Sasha Renee Perez

Sasha Renee Perez

Senate district 25

Eloise Gomez-Reyes

Senate district 29
Portrait of Sabrina Cervantes

Sabrina Cervantes

Senate district 31
Portrait of Dr. Akilah Weber

Dr. Akilah Weber

Senate district 39

2022 Endorsements

View CFA’s endorsements from 2022 here!

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