The Way Forward

Episode 1: Equity Conference: Connecting for Co-Liberation with CFA Leaders

CFA and COVID-19

Episode 1: The Onset of COVID-19

Episode 2: Vulnerable CSU Populations and How Racism, Bigotry Spread with the Virus

Episode 3: The Great Adaptation, Changes to Teaching and Learning

Stronger Together

Episode 1: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Episode 2: We intentionally center Anti-Racism as part of our mission

Episode 3: We acknowledge that even we in CFA are part of the problem of racism

Episode 4: We acknowledge that WE can be part of the solution by being intentionally committed to addressing it (racism).

Special Episode: A discussion about the Race-Class Narrative to Unite Working People

Episode 5

Special Episode: A conversation with Charmaine Lawson about #Justice4Josiah

Episode 6: We adopt changes in organizational values, policies and practices consistent with principles of anti-racism and social justice

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