Long-term Lecturers and non-tenure-track (“temporary”) Librarians can increase their salaries through the Range Elevation process and move from one salary range to the next (e.g., Range A to B, B to C, or C to D). A salary increase of at least 5 percent comes with Range Elevation.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Lecturers and Temporary Librarians are eligible to apply for Range Elevation if they have worked for five years in their range and are at or above the “SSI Max” (meaning capped out in the salary range).

In 2016, CFA negotiated a supplemental agreement to expand the group of eligible faculty to include long-term faculty who have not capped out in their salary ranges. Campus administrations are supposed to notify those who are eligible, but check with your CFA chapter to be sure.

Over the past two years, there was a success rate of over 90 percent for Lecturers and temporary Librarians who applied for Range Elevation. It pays to apply!

CFA has numerous resources to help eligible faculty.

Be on the lookout for workshops and meetings on your campus where union leaders will help faculty through the process of identifying the criteria and putting together the best application.

You can also reach out to your campus CFA chapter directly for help in applying and getting Range Elevation and the raise that comes with it.

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