Faculty may feel they are under attack and unjustly scrutinized by emboldened political groups wishing to intimidate us.  Our students are under attack too, and we stand with them as we seek to make the CSU inclusive and accessible for all.

Sadly, we’ve seen a number of instances in which CSU administrators, seeking to avoid perceived negative media coverage, have not been as supportive of faculty and students as they should be.

Don’t worry. CFA has your back. CFA will aggressively defend the rights of all faculty, as guaranteed by our contract and laws connected to the freedom of speech and expression. 

While the Union would never recommend self-censorship, we do want to offer some guidance and words of caution.

In the workplace and/or classroom

  • Be prepared to defend the relevance of topics that you cover in class. 
  • Only permit recordings of your lectures as agreed to per disability accommodations with clear limits on use and distribution.
  • If bullied by disruptive students or outside visitors who seek to politicize instruction and other academic work, stand up for your rights in the classroom and defend your students’ rights to a fair and inclusive learning environment. 
  • Notify your chair, dean, and provost if you are being harassed on the job, and contact CFA for help. Be sure to document the harassment and your reporting to others. 

Outside of the classroom

  • Know that racist forces are taking names and coming after faculty.
  • At rallies, be clear that you are there in your individual capacity, but don’t shy away from identifying yourself as a CSU faculty member and proud CFA member.
  • Online, in email, and on social media, know that what you share may be used against you. You are not anonymous, and your electronic record lives longer than any given thought or sentiment.
  • If you are contacted by a reporter or journalist, verify their credentials and association before going on the record.  Contact CFA’s communications professionals for help.

At protests and demonstrations

  • If you’re with a group, stick with your group.
  • Be wary of baiting and traps from right-wing individuals and groups.  Don’t engage with them.  Walk away. 

If you’re under attack

  • Keep a log or diary of all incidents, noting the date, time, names of instigators, and other relevant information.
  • Get in touch with CFA.  We can help if you are being targeted or if you are called in for an investigatory meeting by administration. 
We want to hear from you if you are under attack from anti-union and anti-academic freedom forces.

Now more than ever we need to stand together in solidarity.

Get in touch with your local CFA chapter or contact CFA Headquarters:
1110 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-4848

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