After having met earlier this week with CSU management and a state-appointed third party for mediation, the CFA Team filed for factfinding on Wednesday.

Factfinding brings us to the next step in the bargaining process.

The CFA Bargaining Team and CSU management left without a settlement, and we expect to be certified by the mediator to factfinding in the coming days. The union is committed to entering factfinding as soon as possible, and it brings us another step closer to taking job actions.

While we are not ready to take a strike vote yet, we are still asking for input from faculty members about our bargaining package.

CFA members in red shirts with signs at the BoT rally with signs
CFA members hold up a sign and a wand outside the Chancellor’s Office.

On Tuesday, the union filed an unfair practice charge because the CSU failed to provide timely financial information that is relevant to the CSU’s claim that it cannot afford CFA’s bargaining proposals.

The best way for CFA members to help contribute to the current contract campaign is by completing our commit card and joining our movement to obtain salary increases for all faculty, equitable pay for our lowest-paid faculty, improved parental leave, reasonable workload, more student access to mental health counselors, and health and safety for all faculty, students, and staff.

You can also stay updated on negotiations at

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