CFA Members Set Strike Dates

After seven months of bargaining on several articles of our contract, CFA members will be going on strike in December if we do not receive a fair contract from CSU management by the end of the statutory negotiation.

With the authority of 95% of our members who voted, CFA’s Board of Directors voted to call a strike over CSU management’s failure to settle re-opener contract negotiations fairly. Faculty in all ranges and ranks need better pay, better parental leave, workload support, and health and safety rights that align with our anti-racist and social justice values.

Members in red and blue shirts pose in a group outside holding red and white strike ready signs.

Four campuses will hold one-day strikes:

  • December 4, Cal Poly Pomona
  • December 5, San Francisco State
  • December 6, CSU Los Angeles
  • December 7, Sacramento State

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It means that we refrain from teaching and any other work we would normally do for the CSU on the day(s) of the strike, and we would organize picket lines and rallies on the campus(es). Educators on strike do not grade, answer work emails, or perform other faculty work. The withholding of labor includes all in-person and virtual work. Faculty have one personal day per year, and you can choose to take this personal day to join colleagues at one of these campuses.

Members at campuses not listed can show solidarity with regional colleagues by joining the picket lines on days faculty are not scheduled to teach or work.

Picket Line Sign Up

Members sign up to join a picket line in Northern California here and Southern California here. Students, staff, alumni, and other allies can also sign up at those links to join us on the strike lines!

Strike FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions are here.

CSU Can Afford Our Proposals!

Accountant Howard Bunsis took a deep dive into the CSU’s budget, detailing financial trends at the CSU that show emphatically that there is more than enough money to fund our re-opener proposals.

The CSU has stockpiled a nearly $8 billion reserve fund, growing from $2 billion in 2006. The CSU also has surplus money at the end of each fiscal year.

View Bunsis’ fiscal analysis presentation here, and the slides here.

How We Got Here

Members Announce Bargaining Priorities with Rallies Across the CSU

Re-opener Bargaining Reaches Impasse; Members Focus on Next Steps

95% of Voting CFA Members Support Authorizing a Strike as Factfinding Ends

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