Tentative Agreement Updates

After eight months of reopener bargaining, numerous job actions including two sets of strikes, 76% of voting CFA members approved our Tentative Agreement.

We thank members for their solidarity, debate, and courage to press CSU management for better faculty working and student learning conditions. We have special gratitude to our students and sibling union members, as well as elected leaders and public education allies who joined our cause and showed up in favor of investing in OUR CSU.

CSU Trustees need to approve the Tentative Agreement. We have urged management to call a special Board of Trustees meeting to ratify the agreement before their regular March 24-27 meeting. The terms and conditions of the TA will take effect once trustees approve it. READ MORE.

Tentative Agreement Terms

Tentative Agreement Terms

The tentative agreement terms are set originally in an agreement in concept, agreed to on January 22, 2024. The parties agreed to specific tentative contract language for Article 20 – Workload, Article 23 – Leaves of Absence With Pay, Article 31 – Salary, Article 32 – Benefits, Article 37 – Health and Safety, and Article 41 – Duration. In addition, the parties entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for additional insurance, a counselor workgroup to address counseling workload, and withdrawal of litigation of bargaining related claims. Additionally, the parties agreed to extend the range elevation terms that are found in Article 12.17 permitting temporary faculty to apply for range elevation without reaching the SSI Max first.

Joint Agreement in Concept

Article 20 – Workload

Article 23 – Leaves of Absence With Pay

Article 31 – Salary

Article 32 – Benefits

Article 37 – Health and Safety

Article 41 – Duration

MOU for additional insurance

MOU for a counselor workgroup to address workload

MOU to withdraw litigation

MOU to extend Article 12.17 range elevation terms

Tentative Agreement FAQs

Tentative Agreement FAQs

Have questions about the Tentative Agreement? Get them answered here.

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You Must be a Dues-Paying Member in Good Standing to Vote on the Tentative Agreement

Tentative Agreement Summary

Tentative Agreement Summary

See a comparison chart of the Tentative Agreement and CSU management’s imposition terms.

Terms of the Tentative Agreement:

  • 5-percent General Salary Increase (GSI) for all faculty retroactive to July 1, 2023.
  • 5-percent General Salary Increase for all faculty on July 1, 2024 (contingent on there not being an overall cut to CSU’s base funding from the state, which last happened in 2008).
  • Raising the salary floor for our lowest-paid faculty in salary Ranges A and B:
    • 21.6% increase to Range A minimum salary with the GSI ($54,360 to $66,082 for FTE).
    • 15.1% increase to Range B minimum salary with the GSI ($64,860 to $74,658 for FTE).
  • Service Salary Increase (SSI) of 2.65% for 2024-25.
  • Increasing paid parental leave from 6 to 10 weeks.
  • Adding first-time contract language that acknowledges the importance of moving all campuses to a 1,500:1 students-to-counselor ratio (a ratio recommended by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services). CSU management has consistently disregarded the legitimacy of the ratio and the life-altering impact it would have on students.
  • Adding the option for counselors to request academic-year or 10-month employment contracts.
  • First-time contract language providing salary support for lecturers who perform service work.
  • Adding language on course caps protecting against unilateral increases by management.
  • First-time contract language establishing rights and protections for faculty who are interviewed by police.
  • First-time contract language regarding access to gender-inclusive restrooms changing rooms, and lactation spaces, and a process to monitor issues of access and adequacy.
  • Increasing supplemental department chair pay (for the first time in over 13 years) from at least $80 to $160 monthly; with an increase from $120 to $240 monthly for chairs of departments with 18 or more FTE faculty. 
  • Extending the current contract for 2022-24 one year to June 30, 2025, which allows CFA members to come together and plan for our next powerful bargaining campaign.

Salary Estimator

Use this flowchart to estimate how five different components of the Tentative Agreement (TA) may increase your salary, both for the current academic year (2023–24), and the following academic year (2024–25).

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