Over the past six weeks, CFA leaders have heard rumors circulating at various California State University campuses about a new out-of-state work policy that would require faculty to live and work in California even if they perform their work remotely. 

The rumors are especially alarming for faculty who relocated during the COVID-19 pandemic but continue to perform all of their work. Some campus administrators have even begun to tell department chairs to only assign work to faculty who live in the state. (To be sure, the union would challenge any changes to terms and conditions of employment that result in faculty losing their jobs.)

In the meantime, CFA member leaders and staff have been meeting and conferring about the “Out-of-State Employment Policy.” After three meetings with the CSU, CFA has a clearer understanding of how the CSU intends to apply this proposed policy. The CSU has indicated that currently employed faculty members who have out-of-state addresses will be permitted to continue working out of state to the extent that their work assignments allow them to do so. 

For example, a faculty member working exclusively online or remotely who has been working out of state, could continue to work out of state. Furthermore, the CSU Chancellor’s Office has confirmed that an employee’s residential address should not be a factor in the assignment of work. Employees currently residing out of state may need to update their address with the CSU to prevent future problems, and the update is important for state tax purposes. Also, make sure you keep your information updated with CFA with this form.

Faculty need to make sure that their address and contact information is current. If you are outside of California, make sure that your information is up to date. And as with many employment requirements, the CSU may make California residency a requirement for prospective applicants.

If you are not being offered work due to some misunderstanding on the part of an administrator or chair, please contact your chapter Faculty Rights representative.

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