Warmest New Year wishes!

As we welcome back our students and colleagues to spring term, we hope faculty unplugged and recharged over the holiday break. We look forward to spring’s renewal and sunnier days ahead.

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Members of the CFA Bargaining Team and Contract Development and Bargaining Strategy Committee met in early January to plan for our contract re-opening in May, with Article 20 – Workload, Article 23 – Leave with Pay, Article 31 – Salary for 2023-24 Academic Year, and Article 37 – Health and Safety are on the table.

We’ll be sending out a reopener bargaining survey to members next month, and holding campus bargaining meetings beginning in March.

“We encourage members to participate in chapter meetings, events, information actions, and unite as we enter reopener bargaining later this year, and begin negotiating a full Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2024,” CFA President Charles Toombs said. “Let’s engage in this fight loud and proud as one!  We are stronger together!”

And we want to remind members of support programs we negotiated and set in place to help our colleagues and union siblings. Those impacted by flooding, damage, and other hardships brought on by the atmospheric storms over the past month can utilize the CSU’s Emergency and Catastrophic Leave Bank and CFA’s Disaster Fund Relief program.

During our last contract negotiations, we were able to improve upon paid leave for use during emergencies.

Also, take advantage of CFA’s Disaster Relief Fund that provides aid during times of hardship like wildfire, floods, and earthquakes.

We look forward to working with you all to deliver Rights, Respect, and Justice to all CSU students, faculty, and staff in 2023 and the years to come.

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