As we welcome back our students and colleagues to fall term, we hope faculty unplugged, recharged, and reconnected over the summer.

Please join us in welcoming our newest colleagues to the California State University system. As members of CFA, we are excited for you to begin your journey and to join us in this important work.

We look forward to working with you all to deliver rights, respect, and justice to all CSU students, faculty, and staff in 2023 and the years to come. Most of our work this year will focus on our current contract re-opener bargaining for 2023-24 and later, our full contract bargaining.

“Our bargaining positions offer a vision for community safety rooted in our anti-racism and social justice principles, safety on campus, adequate and humane paid parental leave, and wages that keep pace with the cost of living. Our bargaining position demands that the CSU raise the salary floor for the most precarious and vulnerable faculty,” CFA President Charles Toombs said.

Photo caption: Members attend CFA Fall Kickoff. See our photo album for more photos.

With CFA, faculty voices have the power to shape working conditions by organizing and mobilizing for a strong contract. Members are starting the fall term engaged in solidarity planning to make sure we reach a successful agreement.

More than 100 members attended Fall Kickoff August 12 to rally around our re-opener proposals and prepare for member outreach. They attended workshops about aspirational storytelling, union basics, building power, and arts in action.

“It was really cool realizing how broad-based the union is. It opens your eyes to really think about the union as a broad organization on all campuses,” said Kitty Luce, CSU Maritime librarian and Fall Kickoff attendee. “All of the issues that we face at our campus are issues that other campuses face to an event greater extent. We need to make sure we are compensating our faculty and keeping the workload reasonable so that we can benefit our students and the institution as a whole.”

Kickoff keynote speaker SEIU California President David Huerta offered a message of hope and perseverance that reinforced the resolve of faculty and their refusal to accept what they deem undignified. Huerta reminded CFA members of the importance of sticking together and raising the floor for all, adding that SEIU California’s 700,000 workers are with us in our fight for rights, respect, and justice.

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