The 2021-22 legislative session is upon us and CFA looks to build off of its successful sponsorships and support of anti-racism and social justice reforms from the last two legislative years.

Though early on in its two-year cycle, CFA is already cosponsoring four bills, as well as actively supporting four others.

Those bills are:

Sponsored/Cosponsored bills

  • Senate Bill 4 (Gonzalez) Broadband for All Bill – addresses inequities in access to Internet services to close the digital divide for low income, rural, urban families, and minorities in California
  • Senate Bill 271 (Wiener) Sheriff Democracy and Diversity Act – allows all registered voters to run for Sheriff, modifying eligibility requirements, and reverting back to the eligibility requirements in place in the state from 1850 to 1989
  • Assembly Bill 48 (Gonzalez) Use of Projectile Weapons – prohibits any law enforcement agency from using kinetic projectiles (rubber bullets, beanbags, and foam rounds), chemical agents (pepper balls and spray), and tear gas to disperse any peaceful assembly, protest, or demonstration
  • Assembly Bill 89 (Jones-Sawyer) PEACE Act – establishes and requires a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited college or university and raises the minimum age from 18 to 25 for law enforcement officers

Supported bills

  • Senate Bill 2 (Bradford) Police Decertification – creates a statewide decertification process to revoke the certification of a peace officer following the conviction of serious crimes or termination from employment due to misconduct; also, the bill strengthens the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act to prevent law enforcement abuses and other civil rights violations
  • Assembly Bill 37 (Berman, Cervantes, Gonzalez) 2020 Election Reforms Permanent – requires election officials to mail every active registered voter a ballot for all future elections; access to vote-by-mail ballot tracking
  • Assembly Bill 60 (Salas) – creates the 10-member Peace Officer Standards Accountability Advisory Board and requires the board to review reports of serious misconduct by peace officers, and make recommendations to the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. The bill mandates transparency in police officer investigations
  • Assembly Bill 118 (Kamlager) CRISES Act – establishes a pilot program (and grand funds) to enlist community-based organizations to serve as first responders in emergency situations (alternative emergency response) that do not require a police officer

“We have shared our guiding principles and Anti-Racism Demands widely with legislators and policymakers,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political Action and Legislation Chair. “We’re enthused to note that a number of bills addressing facets of our principles have already been introduced. CFA is looking forward to working with our legislative allies to further address systemic racism, discrimination and law enforcement issues.”

CFA leaders continue to look at additional bills and other recommendations as supporters or cosponsors will be made in the coming weeks and months.


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