Faculty across the CSU system are demanding that the state legislature launch an investigation into the handling of Title IX cases throughout the CSU system.

So far, more than 600 faculty have signed onto this petition, declaring no confidence in the Board of Trustees’ sham investigation.

Despite its claims of an “independent” investigation and hiring a company to conduct said review, it is nothing more than a sham procedure by the CSU Board of Trustees.

An investigation is not independent when Trustees hire and pay a company that specializes in risk management and liability deferment to review systemic and structural problems with its policies and procedures.

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The petition was launched this month by members of the CSU East Bay community, and since then, 15 of CFA’s 23-chapter leaderships have signed onto this petition, demanding a state legislative investigation.

“CSU faculty and staff are committed to a safe, respectful environment free of harassment and abuse and one that is conducive to learning,” the petition reads. “The systemic mishandling of Title IX complaints is inconsistent with our campus commitments, damages the reputation of the CSU, and undermines CSU goals to be a place where all Californians have access to an inclusive, equitable, safe, and high-quality education. […] we join the California Faculty Association (CFA) in calling on the California Legislature to launch its own investigation into the handling of Title IX cases throughout the CSU.”

“In response to the Castro fiasco, the CSU Board of Trustees is planning on an internal investigation of what happened. But when any institution investigates itself, there is a conflict of interest,” said Rachael Stryker, CFA East Bay Chapter President. “That’s why — to ensure neutrality and transparency — the California Legislature must conduct an impartial legislative investigation, not only into what Castro did, but into how the CSU mishandles Title IX cases across the system. It’s vital for CFA members to keep up pressure on the CSU Board of Trustees and hold them accountable for their roles in the problem.”

CFA officers support this petition and maintain that any investigation should be genuinely independent of the CSU, done by state lawmakers, and should be conducted by appropriate Title IX experts.

CFA members plan to present the petition and signatures to the California legislature in early April.

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