CFA members will speak at the September 13 Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting in Long Beach. CFA members will demand:

  • Accountability for the persistent and ongoing failure of CSU Executives to deal with sexual and gender violence allegations.
  • Campus Presidents take immediate action to support salary equity overall. CSU Presidents should not be the only ones getting equity raises.
  • BOT and Presidents must ask the Governor and legislature for more than a 5% budget increase to prioritize ongoing salary equity.
  • BOT and Presidents must ensure the distribution of discretionary funds at campus and Chancellor office level focuses on students, faculty, and staff.
  • End immediately the misguided move to app-based therapy. Instead of TimelyMD we need tenure track counselors.
  • Take immediate steps to work with CFA to reimagine safety on campus by creating alternatives to policing. We need counselors not cops.

In July, CSU Trustees approved massive raises for campus presidents, despite the many examples of failed campus leadership.

To understand what was deemed “equitable” for your campus president, see the infographic below.

CSU presidents have failed faculty, staff, and students through the mishandling of Title IX cases on our campuses, the abuse of militarized university police power, and the underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous, and people of color faculty and counselors in this system.

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