CFA members are sponsoring five bills (Assembly Bills 2070, 2275, 2398, 2447, and 2516) to hold the CSU Board of Trustees accountable to its primary mission – to provide a quality education to CSU students and to help them advance their knowledge, learning, and culture. Collectively, these bills seek to diversify the Board of Trustees, audit each campus, and increase transparency of spent funds.

“We have been getting great feedback on this package from legislative allies. We’re getting other legislators wanting to co-author the bills with our sponsored authors. We’re holding management accountable for how they’re spending money and demanding they answer for why they’re cutting jobs even when they claim their budget is steady,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political Action and Legislative Committee chair and CSU Stanislaus professor.

Among these bills, Assembly Bill (AB) 2070 calls for the Governor to include an additional faculty member on the Board of Trustees, and that the faculty member must be appointed from a list of names provided by the Academic Senate of the CSU.

In addition, AB 2275 would require that CSU trustees have a strong interest in improving the CSU and, to the greatest extent possible, be inclusive and representative of the demographic groups found in California. This should reflect diversity of race and gender, and also disabled persons and veterans.

Click here for a more detailed rundown of each of these sponsored bills.

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