CFA is distributing our bargaining survey for all CFA members to fill out to gauge the issues most important to faculty. Participation in the bargaining survey is a members-only benefit.

If you are not yet a member of CFA, please join here.

Substantially improving our working conditions depends on taking collective action. The first step in that process is getting as many members as possible to fill out the survey. The survey will provide opportunities for commentary and examples. These will help us illustrate what we face to the CSU and to the public.

Click here to take our bargaining survey.

As a reminder, this is not a full contract bargaining year. We a reopening on four articles: Article 20 – Workload, Article 23 – Leave with Pay, Article 31 – Salary for 2023-24 Academic Year, and Article 37 – Health and Safety.

The survey will be available online through 5 p.m. on April 7.

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