The CSU Board of Trustees held a special meeting on March 4 when they ratified our Tentative Agreement (TA) as well as those for Teamsters Local 2010 members and Academic Professionals of California (APC) members.

 A CFA member playing a trumpet
A CFA member proudly plays the trombone during our January strike.

At the meeting, Kevin Wehr, CFA Bargaining Chair and CSU Sacramento Professor, expressed his frustration at CSU management for their lack of urgency to protect the wellbeing of our faculty and students.

“To be clear, it did not need to be so hard to come to agreement,” said Wehr. “Nonetheless, this Tentative Agreement makes substantial progress on issues central to the core mission of the CSU, including social justice gains, new language on workload and counselor ratios, and of course reasonable compensation increases including economic justice for our lowest paid colleagues.

We look forward to returning to the negotiation table next year to make further progress on core issues.”

As of March 4, the gains and provisions of the TA are now in effect.

CSU administrators will begin implementing our retroactive raises for the 2023-24 Academic Year immediately. We have called on the Chancellor’s Office to process these changes in a timely manner.

Paid parental leave is now extended to 10 weeks. If a faculty member is currently on parental leave, they can extend it by another four weeks.

CSU management must now recognize the need for adequate student mental health resources and should strive to reach the goal of having one counselor for every 1,000 to 1,500 students by 2026.

The new provisions in Article 37 (Health and Safety) are also now in effect. The locations of lactations spaces and gender-inclusive facilities must be made known to campus communities through searchable information, and employees may notify management if there is inadequate access to these spaces. Management must respond to the concerns within 60 days.

Within the same article, faculty members may now request to be accompanied by a union representative before interacting with University Police. If representation is denied, the employee has no obligation to participate.

In addressing workload, faculty members may now request to meet with the appropriate administrator about excessive or unreasonable workload, and the administrator must respond within 10 days of the request as well as provide a response within five days of the meeting.

Furthermore, CSU campuses must now distribute a pool of 500 Weighted Teaching Units (WTUs) to campuses every academic year for lecturer faculty who perform institutional services.

For a full list of our wins in the new agreement, go here.

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