With the state of California experiencing a record budget surplus and the California State University system flush with cash, many campuses are experiencing a hiring boom regarding tenure-line faculty positions.

In our newly ratified 2022-2024 Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are a few important new provisions in Article 12, Appointment, that open up new avenues through which CSU lecturers might obtain tenure-line faculty positions. It is important for both lecturers and those tenured and tenure-line faculty serving on hiring committees to become familiar with such provisions. These are found in 12.22 and 12.28.

Article 12.22 states that, “Recommendations regarding probationary appointments shall originate at the department or equivalent unit,” and subsequently describes various procedures for making probationary (that is, tenure-line assistant professor) appointments.

New language in Article 12.22 c. offers a path for lecturers to move into the tenure-line, as follows:

A departmental peer review committee may review and recommend a probationary faculty unit appointment for a temporary unit employee who has received an offer of tenure track employment. Such a recommendation may only occur in a department where there is no current tenure-line recruitment for which the faculty member is qualified. Such recommendation[s] shall be directed to the President or their designee for review, consideration, and response. The decision of the President or designee shall not be subject to Article 10 (Grievance Procedures) of this Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If you are a lecturer, and you have received an offer of a tenure-line position at any university or community college, yet you wish to remain employed at your existing CSU campus, immediately alert your department chair to the existence of your job offer and to this provision in 12.22 c. of the new CBA.

Another possible path to the tenure line for lecturers is found in Article 12.28, which states:

The department or equivalent unit shall normally develop vacancy announcements. Such announcements shall be subject to approval by the appropriate administrator. When campus search committees find a temporary faculty unit employee who has applied for a tenure track position on their campus to be qualified, that employee should be interviewed.

While this language in 12.28 – “that employee should be interviewed” – is permissive and not subject to the grievance procedure, it marks an important shift in encouraging faculty hiring committees to seriously consider, by way of an interview, their existing lecturer colleagues when a tenure-line search is conducted in areas for which they are qualified.

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