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Now that the 2023 reopener bargaining is complete, faculty who welcome a new child to their home have the right to receive 10 weeks, or 50 days, of parental leave with pay. This change represents an increase from six weeks (30 days) and is effective March 4, 2024 (the date the CSU Board of Trustees ratified changes to our Collective Bargaining Agreement following CFA members’ February ratification).

Go here to review Article 23, and refer to Article 23.4 et seq. for the details for paid parental leave options.

If you are currently on paid parental leave during this academic term, you should request that your leave be extended by an additional four weeks (20 days). There is no retroactivity built into this article.

If you have been planning your family and work schedule under the now obsolete six week maximum and have already made the request for a leave of six weeks to be taken in the future, be in touch with your department chair and/or the appropriate administrator about amending your leave request to the full 10 weeks of paid leave to which you are now entitled as a contractual right.

Want to learn more? Become active with your local CFA chapter Faculty Rights team. Find your representative here.

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