Members continue to educate, mobilize, and organize for a fair and reasonable contract. Much of our activity last week focused on Labor Day!

Workers are stronger together, so CFA members have been engaged in a coalition with other CSU unions. The coalition has been holding actions across CSU campuses and speaking out about their need for a contract rooted in equity across the system. The coalition has also been loud and present at the CSU Board of Trustees meetings.

“Happy Labor Day everyone! This is our time. This is our movement. We have been united all summer across the country, all over the state. Let’s keep doing that. Let’s be prepared to take action and get our rights, respect, and justice,” said Charles Toombs, CFA president and San Diego State professor.

Group people outdoors with CFA flag
CFA Monterey Bay members at their chapter Labor Day.

Along with our coalition partners, we are planning a rally for September 12 as CSU Trustees prepare to vote on a 6-percent tuition increase. This shocking and unconscionable proposal would add up to a 34 percent increase in tuition by 2028-29. You can sign up for the rally here. To support our work getting a transformational contract, everyone should sign up for the Contract Action Team.

Members should also look out for bargaining town hall meetings on their campus. 

The best way for CFA members to help contribute to the current contract campaign is by completing our commit card and joining our movement to obtain salary increases for all faculty, equitable pay for our lowest-paid faculty, improved parental leave, reasonable workload, more student access to mental health counselors, and health and safety for all faculty, students, and staff.

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