CFA members across the state joined in solidarity on Labor Day with all workers engaged in the righteous fight for dignity, respect, social justice, and safety at work.

Members joined other workers at picnics and actions across the state last weekend celebrating labor’s impact on the United States. CFA Los Angeles members rallied with frontline healthcare workers demanding better patient care.

Labor Day is extra special this year as we bargain for rights, respect, and justice for faculty, students, and staff at the CSU!

A group of members in CFA red shirts holding signs at a rally.
On Labor Day, CFA Los Angeles members rallied with frontline healthcare workers demanding better patient care.

“We are in a fight for human rights for our trans faculty who deserve to have gender inclusive bathrooms; for our lactating faculty who deserve to have a place where they can safely and privately express milk on campus; and for all of our faculty to have equal access to fair pay and recognition of the hard work we do to serve the people of California. Nothing less than what we are asking for will do. We’re going to control and limit the power of police to affect us and our jobs on campus. And we are going to raise the floor for our most pauperized faculty which are lecturer faculty in Range A and also lecturer faculty and assistant professors in the Range B,” said Sharon Elise, CFA associate vice president of Racial and Social Justice, South, and CSU San Marcos professor. “Nothing less will do. Today, we celebrate labor and we are proud to see ourselves as working people united in this fight.”

CSU management can RAISE THE FLOOR by working with CFA members to improve dignity and safety on our campuses: pay equity for our lowest paid educators, adequate parental leave, improved access for students to mental health services, safe restrooms for trans, queer, and non-binary people, sanitary spaces for lactating folks, campus safety for us all.

Watch below as members talk about why they celebrate Labor Day, and check out our Labor Day photo album.

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