Free the CSU

As CFA, we are part of the fight to #FreeTheCSU from student fee increases, tuition, threats to undocumented members of the campus community, systemic underfunding by the state, and threats to academic freedom.

The fight for free higher public education is a racial justice issue. There exists a decades-long trend in the CSU and other higher education institutions across the United States of declining enrollments amongst Black, Native, and Indigenous students. Nationwide, Black students are 20% more likely to need to borrow, to borrow more, and to have a more difficult time paying off student loan debt than their white peers. Students of color are much more likely to default on their loans, with half of Black borrowers and a third of Latinx borrowers defaulting within 20 years. The necessity for students to take out student debt directly contributes to continuing racial wealth gaps. Free public education is a necessary step in creating true educational access and equity.

As part of our Anti-Racism and Social Justice demands, CFA has called on the CSU to provide free tuition for all Black, Native, and Indigenous students. We also continue to fight at the capitol for legislation that supports the push for free public college education for all students.

We as faculty, along with community allies, are in solidarity with students to tell CSU Trustees that it is time to fully support the People’s University and #FreeTheCSU.

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