Immoral. Unjust. Draconian. Texas’ (and potentially other state’s) six-week abortion ban that allows individuals to sue abortion providers and patients is all those words and much more.

March for Abortion Justice
Photo credit: Women’s March Foundation.

It is why Women’s March Foundation is taking to Downtown Los Angeles this weekend to march for reproductive rights.

Women’s March will be joined by more than 90 other organizations to call on all of us across the country to push back against the far-right’s assault on women’s reproductive justice. CFA members, like CFA Los Angeles leader Leda Ramos, are joining the cause.

“I march for reproductive rights on October 2 in allyship with my sisters in Texas, Mississippi, and across the country,” said Ramos, who is also part of Women’s March LA through the Feminist Street Initiative. “I march for my daughters. I march for collective healing in the world. I march because it is a violation of human rights when proper health care is denied to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian women, and all women. ¡Que viva las mujer!”

The rally in Los Angeles will take place Saturday, Oct. 2 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Photo credit: Women’s March Foundation.

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