Membership and Organizing


Membership & Organizing Committee
Building Power!


This web page has information and materials you can download and use when you ask other CSU faculty to become members of CFA. Click on the pods to the right side of this page where you will find letters, door signs and more.

Of course, all CSU faculty are represented by CFA when we have needs under our contract. But to actually be a member of CFA, a person must complete a membership form.

More CFA members means a stronger union to defend our contract and our profession—and that’s important for us, for our students, for public higher education, and for our families.


The CFA Membership and Organizing Committee (M&O) monitors membership growth and chapter development. We work with with the Chapter Presidents Council and the Council of Lecturers.

This work includes improving the accuracy of the membership list and recommending programs to increase CFA’s membership and organizational strength.

M&O is composed of at least four members appointed by the president and one member designated by the Political Action and Legislative Committee.

The committee’s chair is elected by the Assembly from the CFA membership. The terms of office are for two years.