A guide for lecturer members to understand unemployment rights for part-time contingent appointments and one-year full-time appointments in a single department.

This guide has been updated to reflect changes in the CA EDD online application.
This is a guide which we hope provides information and resources for Lecturers who are applying for unemployment benefits between terms as well as for those who are denied benefits.

All part-time lecturers on contingent appointments and all lecturers on 1-year full-time appointments in a single department are eligible for Unemployment Insurance (IU) benefits during all semester/quarter breaks. The best day to apply for UI benefits is the day after the last official day of your most recent academic term. If this end date is not on your most recent appointment letter, then refer to the academic calendar for your campus. Even if you have fled your grades before this date, it is important to know that we are term rather than hourly employees, and our academic term wages are earned until the last official day of that term. The flip side of this is that even if you haven’t finished grading by the official end date of the term, you can nonetheless file for UI benefits as your employment has legally ended and you are no longer earning wages.

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