We told you last week about the Higher Education Labor United’s efforts to transform public colleges and universities through national legislation on tenure track density, student tuition and fee elimination, and campus and student worker safety protections and job security.

What can you do to help?

Sign the pledge to take action for higher education for all!

This summer, hundreds of union members formed Higher Ed Labor United (HELU), a national committee representing all ranks of higher education workers across the country –– including student workers, postdocs, staff, and adjunct, contingent, and tenured faculty –– to create a bold, unified vision for higher education. CFA officers ratified the Higher Ed Labor United Vision Statement along with nearly 350,000 (and counting!) higher education workers across the country, across all job categories and ranks.

Right now, Congress is making decisions about higher education through the budget reconciliation process. This is an important opportunity to make progress on our long-term goal of a more just higher education system. For a higher education system that’s accessible to all, Congress must include these reforms when they vote on the final budget:

  • Invest in higher education for all: Free access to both two- and four-year public institutions.
  • Guarantee job security, a living wage, and the right to unionize: For all campus workers.
  • Close the pay gap: Pay workers the same wage for performing the same job.
  • Expand tenure to end the adjunct crisis.
  • Cancel student debt: Release students and institutions from crippling debt burdens.

Take action now! Sign the pledge and tell Congress to invest in higher education for all!  CFA members can also check out HELU’s toolkit for ways to get involved locally.

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