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The APIDA Caucus provides a forum for the inclusive community of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans CSU faculty to join the voices of other CFA caucuses in promoting equity and social justice on campuses and CSU systemwide. The APIDA Caucus seeks to mentor APIDA faculty and students in their professional and academic development, and to encourage their active participation and leadership in the CFA. Additionally, the APIDA Caucus embraces outreach and advocacy to address and effectively resolve issues facing APIDA faculty and students as faculty and students of color.

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Combating AAPI Hate in Age of COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, Asian American and Pacific Islanders have reported experiencing microaggressions, racial profiling, hate incidents and hate violence. Reports in our communities have spiked.

CFA member Russell Jeung, PhD is the co-launcher of Stop AAPI Hate and the chair of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. Jeung produced an educational video, and complementary curriculum guide, is built for classrooms across the country, intended to guide students and educators how to combat against hateful rhetoric, bullying and hate violence in our communities.

View the resources here.

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