On Labor Day, CFA launched our political action campaign for the November 3 General Election.

The Countdown Begins! We have two months to influence this historic election! CFA is a national leader in the fight for racial and social justice, democracy, and access to public higher education for all. We need to remain active! This election not only directly impacts the CSU budget, it will determine the future of state and national policy.

Join our colleagues and sign up to take action on the 2020 campaign. You can also look at our endorsements here!

There are different ways to get involved:

  • Propositions: From Proposition 15 that will raise desperately needed funding for our schools by making corporations pay their fair share, to Proposition 16 that will address systemic racism at our universities, we have so much at stake.
  • Statewide Candidates: CFA has the opportunity to elect strong allies in the state legislature who will fight for us during these difficult budget and policy negotiations.
  • Opportunities to Volunteer in Federal Elections: We cannot remain idle, every vote counts. The future of our country depends on our democratic strength in this election.
  • Local Elections: Let us know if you are already working on a local election so we can work together.

“We all know that the outcomes of this election will impact our state, our country, and our society at every level,” said Steven Filling, CFA Political Action and Legislative Chair. “Our society is at a crossroads. We must take action to ensure that we elect candidates that share our principles and our goals. Let’s not wake up the day after the election and lament what we could have done to make the election turn out differently.  Please join your colleagues in making a difference in this election.”

Vote-by-mail ballots will be delivered to mailboxes in less than a month.  Volunteer to talk with other union members about supporting candidates and initiatives to build a California and nation that works for all of us. We must refocus on a future that includes good jobs, racial equality, affordable healthcare, immigrant rights, and living wages for all.  For more on how to get involved, click here.


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