We are living in times of intense stress and grief, as we navigate the crises of systemic racism and anti-Blackness, economic downturn, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Many faculty are not only teaching, counseling, and coaching students, but also trying to improve our communities, challenge injustice, and keep our families healthy and nurtured. 

As we grapple with life and work in these trying times, it is important to know that our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) entitles every faculty member to one Personal Holiday each year. If you are feeling the need to take a day for self-care, community organizing, protest, or family time – or any personal reason at all – take the day! 

Article 33.3 of our faculty contract states:

A faculty unit employee shall be entitled to a Personal Holiday, which may be taken on one (1) day during the calendar year. If the faculty unit employee fails to take the Personal Holiday before the end of the calendar year, the holiday shall be forfeited. CSU and CFA shall endeavor to inform a new faculty unit employee of his/her Personal Holiday. Scheduling of the Personal Holiday shall be by mutual agreement of the faculty unit employee and the appropriate administrator.

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