Faculty Rights Tip: Workload

Article 20 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers workload.

One key provision for instructional faculty is Article 20.3(a) because it provides that members of the faculty bargaining unit shall not be required to teach an excessive number of contact hours, assume an excessive student load, or be assigned an unreasonable workload or schedule.

Over the years, a number of factors have contributed to an increase in workload for almost all members of our bargaining unit (faculty, counselors, librarians, and coaches). In many cases, workload may have crossed the line into what should be considered “excessive” and “unreasonable” when it comes to instructional assignments.

Moreover, sometimes these assignments are imposed with no prior consultation.

Some of the factors used to determine what is “excessive” or “unreasonable” can be found in Article 20.3(b) and 20.3(c). They include the number of students, distribution of student enrollment, the level of support provided by the program, the introduction of new instructional technologies, and prior practices.

We encourage all faculty, counselors, coaches, and librarians to become familiar with Article 20 of our contract. You can find the entire contract online.

If you believe you have been assigned an excessive or unreasonable workload it is in the interest of our students, institutions, communities, and profession to correct these problems.

Contact your local CFA faculty rights representative to discuss any unreasonable workload you may be experiencing.