From October 21 at 9 a.m. to October 27 at 5 p.m., CFA members will be asked to empower our CFA Board of Directors with the authority to call a strike should it become necessary.

A group of people holding up fists a tabling event in Pamona.
CFA Cal Poly Pomona members are tabling on their campus.

While we are still finishing the statutory process, voting ‘Yes’ to authorize a strike will send a powerful signal to management that we are prepared to withhold our labor to get the contract we deserve. Although a strike is not inevitable, it is a call to strike if we cannot reach a resolution. For questions regarding the strike authorization vote, please see our FAQs.

CFA members and CSU management met last week for the first factfinding session in our re-opener bargaining campaign. The previous meeting covered Article 23 (Leaves of Absence with Pay) and some of our proposals for Article 37 (Health and Safety). This week, we will complete our presentation on Article 37 before moving to Article 20 (Workload) and Article 31 (Salary).

While management claims poverty, raises student fees by 34 percent over the next five years, and refuses to pay the most disadvantaged faculty a living wage, they are somehow able to conjure up the money to offer our presidents upwards of a 29 percent pay increase and our new chancellor Mildred García a total annual compensation of $973,000, almost 30 percent more than the previous chancellor.

CFA members are aware of management’s manufactured austerity messaging and dishonest tactics, and campuses will continue to escalate their support for our transformative bargaining proposals by holding trainings and Strike Ready Schools.

On October 19 (today!), a virtual Strike Ready School workshop titled “Organizing 101: Moving to Action” will help faculty mobilize and organize around future statewide coordinated actions.

To register for the workshop, click this link.

We continue to demand an increase to the minimum salary for our lowest-paid faculty, a 12-percent across-the-board raise to keep pace with rising costs of living, a full semester of paid parental leave for new parents, reasonable workload/course caps, a proper counselor-to-student ratio, safe and accessible lactation spaces, safe and accessible gender-inclusive restrooms and changing rooms, and safety provisions for faculty interacting with university police on campuses.

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