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As the Fall 2021 term comes to a close and we look ahead toward another atypical term of teaching, coaching, and counseling in times of COVID-19, now is a good time to review the Faculty Rights Tips we have offered over the last few months.

Most are standard tips about the rights and protections that comprise our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), while others are specific to the historical moment we are living through, where COVID-19 has transformed the quality of our working lives in ways that continue to be uneven and unpredictable. Even in these times, our CBA – and the even better contract to come in 2022 that we are currently fighting for – remains a strong and vital tool in the protection of our rights, and in our pursuit of respect and justice.

The following links will take you to our Fall 2021 Faculty Rights Tips:

Want to learn more? Become active with your local CFA chapter Faculty Rights team. Find your representative here

  • Browse the faculty contract here.
  • See an archive of Faculty Rights Tips.
  • If you have questions about a faculty rights tip or would like to suggest a tip, please write us with the subject line “Faculty Rights Tip.”
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