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August 2023 Updates

Dear faculty colleagues,

I transmitted the attached letter to Koester (2) yesterday at around 4:00 pm. Since CFA president Charles Toombs forwarded it to CFA campus presidents, leading to what appears to be a wide circulation of it among the CSU faculty (as it seemed to be the case with my first letter) among CSU faculty, I am forwarding it to you, just in case you have a couple of minutes to give it a click.

The CSU is rattling its sabers. “Let the battle begin” (Quoting Chris Naticchia).  We’re gonna win this thing.

Rong Chen, president 



Executive Board

Executive Board

Meet your faculty Executive Board members.

Tiffany Jones


Chris Naticchia

Vice President
Portrait of Chris Naticchia

Jacqueline Romano

Teacher Education and Foundations
Portrait of Jaqueline Romano

Daniel MacDonald

Portrait of Daniel MacDonald
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